Shell Kaivokselan Postache in Vantaa is closed for renovation from 20 April to 7 July.


Shell Kaivoksela (Kaivokselantie 1, 01610 Vantaa) will undergo a renovation from April 22 to July 1. Before the renovation, Postache will serve at Shell until Friday 19 April. until 2 p.m.

You get 20.4.–7.7. all postal services temporarily from K-Supermarket Martinlaakso Ostarin Postache at Kivivuorentie 4, 01620 Vantaa. You can pick up and send all postal items there and pay for items at the counter.

Postache will serve Shell Kaivoxela again from Monday 8 July. from

Parcel services are available from Postache machines and Postache kiosks

The vast majority of postal transactions today is picking up packages, which is also handled by Postache's parcel machines, e.g. At the Kaivoksela S-market (Ukonkivenpolku 11), Myyrmäki R-kiosk (Jönsaksentie 6) and Myyrmäki recycling center (Liesitori 1).

You can also do business at Myyrmann's Postache kiosk (Iskoskuja 3), where you can pick up packages and send pre-paid packages and customer returns.

In the online store, you can choose a pick-up location to which your package will be sent. You can check all service points and their services at

Postache facilitates sending and receiving

In Postache, you can send, pay and track packages. You can also receive letters and invoices there electronically. You can download the app for free from the app store (for example App Store and Google Play).