Postache of the Lumijoki library closes on April 26.


We will close the Postache at the Lumijoki library (Toripolku 3, 91980 Lumijoki) on Friday, April 26. at 2 p.m., because the cooperation agreement ends. You will continue to receive the most common postal services from the library during self-service hours (Monday–Sunday 10 a.m.–9 p.m.).

In the Lumijoki library, you can in the future:

  • pick up parcels from the parcel machine
  • sends the most common mail items from the new self-service terminal
  • post letters from the letterbox in front of the library.

You will receive all postal services from Saturday 27.4. from K-Supermarket Liminganportin Postache (Pitkäkoskentie 15, 91900 Liminka). There you can for example:

  • pick up shipments to be acknowledged with a signature
  • pay for shipments at the counter.

The package vending machine serves package pickers

The most common reason to visit our service points is to pick up a package. You can use Postache's parcel machine in the Lumijoki library as before.

In the online store, you can choose a pick-up location to which your package will be sent. Those packages for which you do not choose another pick-up point in the online store, arrive for pick-up at the K-Supermarket Liminganport Post.

Postache makes it easier to send and receive a package

With the Postache application, you can send, pay and track packages. You can also receive letters and invoices there electronically. You can download the app for free from the app store (for example App Store and Google Play).